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Don't Be Conditioned: Why critical thinking and self-awareness is the antidote to fear and judgement

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

15 years ago, my A-level English texts were Brave New World, Utopia and 1984... Novels about various guises of communism and fascism....and ultimately the conditioning of people en masse towards lack of freedom and autonomy. In the societies described within the stories, in most cases, those who dissented were punished and shamed. Not just by the authorities.... The people in each population were further conditioned to police one another into doing what was "right". Conditioning is a form of control, usually based on the currency of fear.

Have you allowed yourself to be conditioned and police others who feel or think differently? Is there a good reason to do this?

As always, it comes down to a choice between LOVE versus FEAR.

Love never tries to control - it sees every person and every thing, including itself, with complete compassion. And through this lens, it takes total and complete radical responsibility for itself and only itself, including every aspect of it's thoughts, feelings, experiences and existence.... knowing and understanding that this is the only true expression of itself (i.e. love)- through freedom.

It never judges... only observes. It understands that it is one perspective, but that there are many others and that none are right or wrong.

The bee does not think that if it takes pollen from the rose, the rose will no longer have enough pollen for the other bees, or that by taking the pollen, the rose will die. The rose does not think that by being fragrant and beautiful it stops other flowers being visited by bees, nor does it assume that it must be attractive to every insect for every insect to survive. In a love mindset... one based on radical responsibility of the self, lack of judgement and complete compassion... everybody wins.

"Fear incarcerates, but love liberates" - John Mark Green

Fear on the other hand, ALWAYS tries to control. It tries to take responsibility for others, believing that if only others would change or comply there will be no problem for them or anyone else. Fear always looks outside of itself for what it believes will protect it from what it fears. It takes no responsibility for itself and sees itself as a victim of circumstance or environment. Because it takes no responsibility for itself it projects responsibility for its own well-being onto others. It judges and it condemns.

It allows itself to be dictated to and directed, because in this way it is able to make others responsible for the reality it experiences. It fears consequences because it does not see itself as the creator of its experiences.

"Fear always looks outside itself for what it believes will protect it from what it fears... it always tries to control..." - Moon Sprite Creations

The next time you label others who are promoting freedom, thinking differently, challenging authority or doing their own thing as 'selfish', 'harmful' or 'dangerous', consider from what mindset and perspective you make this judgement...

Is it one based on the knowledge and understanding that you do not know all that there is to know, and therefore cannot judge? Is it based on complete compassion and radical responsibility for yourself and your own life?

Or is it from a perspective of fear?... From looking outside of the self for what is "affecting" you, a complete abdication of personal responsibility and a total taking of responsibility for other people?

I choose love. I choose freedom.

-Clairey Rachel, Conscious Creative Therapies and Moon Sprite Creations

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