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Happiness and Self-growth: Finding the perfection in imperfection

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The "spiritual growth" journey is an interesting one.... The desire to heal our wounds, the "need" to evolve, the pressure to grow and change... even for those like myself who enjoy the process of renewal,... can often feel exhausting, debilitating, lonely and unending. So often we feel on a never-ending road to self-realisation and self actualization ... One in which our elusive goals come seemingly closer but never quite arrive... Whatever "arriving" is.

But what if in striving to be more, do more, heal and be "better" we are actually perpetuating a cycle of self sabotage in which the constant focus on that which we are not, or do not have, only serves to entrench ourselves deeper into a state of lack...? What if instead of seeing something missing, we only saw something complete?.... Complete and whole in its exact state that it is right now. What if the apparent imperfection is the real perfection?

I believe that everyone who has at any point in their life tried or decided to be more self-aware, or embarked to some degree or another, on a process of healing or changing whatever no longer serves them, has also at some point felt the apparent futility of it all.... There is that sense that "if I just sort out this, this, this and this, and figure out that and that, it's all going to fall into place".... But then something goes wrong, progress is slow, things turn seemingly out of our control, we don't get the result we hoped for, and despondency sets in.

"The key to happiness is letting go of 'that' idea of perfection." - Debra Messing

Here's the problem: while we are unable to see the absolute perfection in what already is, we will constantly be looking for it, trying to attain it and therefore reinforcing the fact that we don't already have it!.... Whilst our focus rests on what isn't already there, instead of what is, all that we are trying to attain becomes ever more elusive as whatever we do or have will never be enough.... There will always be more to do, more to have, more to become, so long as you cannot see perfection in what already IS.

What if things are perfect right now? What if you are perfect right now? What if you are already healed enough, wise enough, self aware enough, *insert your favourite spiritual goal here*? What if you have everything you need, right now? If that were true, how would that change how you viewed yourself and your life? How would it change your every day existence?

If this is an uncomfortable concept to grasp or accept, ask yourself why this is. Why is it so difficult for you to truly, compassionately, lovingly and wholly accept yourself and your life exactly as it is?.... To see it as perfect. Right. Now. (I say this as someone who has personally struggled with this over and over)

At its core, to see all as perfect in each moment of now is the ULTIMATE gratitude.... And in truth, gratitude is the only true antidote to fear and lack. People say the antidote is love, but I believe it is gratitude.

The dictionary definition of perfect is: "having all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be". Etymologically, the word perfect comes from the Latin word "perficere" -"per" meaning 'completely' and "facere" meaning 'to make'. In other words, the true meaning of perfection is "to be made completely".... that is, nothing is missing. We are all fragments of God/Goddess/Source/the Universe and as the Universe is all there is, and this is what we are made of, we can be certain of our completeness.

To clarify, this is not about encouraging apathy or settling for that which we do not want or resonate with in life. This is not about relinquishing responsibility for our lives or for the deep inner knowing of the greatness we may experience. It is about seeing and experiencing the greatness in every moment so that we may more accurately know and be focused on the absolute existence of this in our lives already.

"That which we are not; that which is opposite to us; that which we resist, exists for one very holy reason: so that we may announce and declare, express and experience, become and fulfill Who We Really Are, in each golden moment of now". - Neale Donald Walsch

Now is the time to Love ourselves. Just as We are. Because We are all "completely made". And because of this, We are all perfection.

Trust the process.

Clairey Rachel - Moon Sprite Creations & Conscious Creative Therapies

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