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The Fine Art of "Deserving" (and why you don't 'deserve' it)

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The concept of "deserving" is a fascinating one. The basis of our entire society revolves around *doing* something that others find worthy or valuable and therefore being "deserving" of something we desire: money, healthy relationships, friendships, a job we enjoy, good health etc etc. We are taught that we only "get what we deserve" and what we deserve is usually dictated by the moral compass of another "better/more enlightened/more powerful" person than us. There is so little emphasis or importance placed on who we *are* or what we *are*, without doing anything at all.

I am here to tell you that the whole concept of deserving is a LIE.

"The very concept of "deserve" implies that one must first serve, qualify or earn to receive. This is a problem because nothing you could ever do could make you unworthy of what you desire. And what you desire already belongs to you, whether you have manifested it yet or not" - Teal Swan

There is nothing we can do, say, create, achieve, be more/less of that makes us any more or less deserving. We just *are*. Every day in my job I go into schools and observe children from 4 years old upwards being funneled into a system that rewards them for behaving in the "right" way and punishes for behaving in the "wrong" way; a system that reinforces from such a young age this concept of "deserving" or "not deserving" based on what we do. The "deserving" usually consists of them acting entirely on the agendas of an adult in charge... Don't disobey, don't make a mistake, don't get something wrong. But all this does is reinforce and perpetuate a self fulfilling prophecy in which a child learns limiting beliefs which only serve to reinforce the "bad" behaviour.

And we go on to "discipline" our adult selves in the same way - perpetuating our shame, guilt and feelings of worthlessness for not living up to our own or others' standards. But it doesn't have to be this way....

If we want a world where children and adults can learn and understand that they are *infinitely worthy* both in spite of and because of everything they do, both "good" and "bad", then we will be on the right track towards reducing fear based decisions and enabling love based decisions.

This requires a big shift in thinking, feeling and acting. But shift is possible in a single moment. If we continue to shift one moment at a time, we will have created lasting change.

My sharing this is my affirmation and command to the Universe and God that I recognise my wholeness and my worth outside the borders of my limiting beliefs. I no longer subscribe to the notion of "deserving". Everything is energy. That's all there is to it. Everything my soul desires already belongs to me. The same is true for you. Believe. And so it is.

-Clairey Rachel, Conscious Creative Therapies and Moon Sprite Creations

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